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iHeadache Calendars

The convenient calendar tab gives you a quick overview of your headaches. Headaches are color-coded so you can quickly see the types of headaches you've had, and you can expand a headache if you want to see details about it. Daily and monthly views make it easy for you to track your headaches at different levels. You can even track changes in your headaches from hour to hour if you included the information when you added the headache.

info Note: Mouseover the screen below to view a description and click the screen to enlarge it. If there are multiple pages then click the numbers at the bottom of the pages to scroll through the pages. If you are on a touch screen device such as a smartphone or tablet, touch the screen once to see the description and again to enlarge it. You can also swipe left and right to navigate thru the screens.

  • keyTake control

    iHeadache is a comprehensive electronic headache diary that tracks how many headaches you are having, your disability, medication usage, triggers, pain and more.

  • toolsGet the tools

    Originally developed for the iPhone and BlackBerry, iHeadache is now available online. Your data is available, at a glance or in detail, when you need it.

  • doctorInvolve your doctor

    Share your data with your doctor to optimize your treatment plan. Accurate headache tracking helps you and your doctor determine what works and what doesn't.