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The iHeadache application categorizes migraines and tension headaches, but there are other kinds of headaches that you should be aware of. Cluster headaches can be excruciatingly painful and are sometimes mistaken for migraines. Sinus headaches, on the other hand, are not as severe and are usually not a primary headache, but instead a symptom of acute sinusitis. Chronic daily headaches may also be an underlying symptom of a more severe illness or they may have started out as migraines but have lost many of their migraine symptoms over time. Finally, medication rebound headaches are the result of overuse of headache medication.


This educational content was written by Brian D. Loftus, MD, a neurologist, headache specialist and a developer of iHeadache. The science and study of headaces is changing rapidly. If there is information on this page that is incorrect or needs revision, please contact us.

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